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Real Life as a New Mom in 2020

Mom Hack: Don't buy the whole store before your baby is born (unless there is a good return policy)!

Welcome to my first official blog post for #HackingMomLife. Honestly, I can't believe I am officially a Mom.

I started this Mom Blog for a few reasons.

1) I had a baby! My daughter Adeline was born in late October 2019, and she is growing like a weed. I started this blog to give you a snapshot of what being a Mom is really like on a regular day-to-day basis, and provide you with some Mom Hacks to get you through your journey. I have done a crazy amount of research, learned from research-gone-wrong and met with a lot of Mom gurus. Something new always pops up, and I am adapting to Mom Life because of these tip, and it is getting better everyday.

2) I want to connect with other mothers. I just moved all the way from Toronto, Canada to San Jose, California. I love being in California, I do feel a bit isolated spending all day with the baby and being away from my family and friends. I have moved around in my career a lot, and coming to San Jose was another adventure and a move that I was looking forward to. Now that I am a Mom, and since getting pregnant, my perspective has all changed. I am adapting to life as a new mom and adapting to being in a new city (my sisters both live in Atlanta, my brother, step-mother and father live in Toronto along with my in-laws, and some of my best friends are in Toronto and the U.K.). I have always thought that I would raise kids in the same way that I was raised, having big family dinners, birthday parties, with tons of cousins around, and with my friends who are all having kids right now.

On top of that, the Newborn honeymoon phase is over, meaning my Husband is back to work, the baby visits are dwindling and it's me and my little one. I have always been an extravert so 24/7 baby talk, while sweet, can melt a brain a little.

3) I love to write. I am using my blog as an outlet and to escape from baby duties, relate to others, find a new mom tribe, and share all the things I love, like and don't love about #momlife.

Writing has been a constant for me, (my storage unit is packed with old journals and diaries) and blogging was always something on my to-do list. I am extremely sentimental so am happy that I can savour the milestones, complain a little, and celebrate the craziness of motherhood.

4) I want to share some Mom Hacks. I have created Mom groups, attended classes, and read all the books. My friends, who I mentioned are all having kids and they are such a great resource. Because of them, I also want to pay it forward and connect with other moms who may need something to read at 4:00 am feedings when no one else is around.

I am happy to give you a little break from Mom madness provide you with some fun anecdotes, tips and product reviews. Whatever your reason for reading, thank you for stopping by and definitely reach out to me.



Disclaimer: Grammatical errors and incorrect sentence structure may be present in this blog!

Being a new mom finding time to write can be difficult, of course. More so, finding time to edit and rewrite posts, plus factor in sleep deprivation, the Mommy Brain etc. and you will for sure see some mistakes. For some reason, I love to use capital Letters where they are Not required (weird, I know). I am hoping to keep this light and fun, so please excuse any errors and my mild case of dyslexia (I will at least try and spell check and not mix up their with there). I hope you enjoy!

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